Agency for Promotion of Indigenous Crafts is governed by the board of directors to ensures and directs the agency in achieving its goals of bringing together the government/public and private into a unified national forum to drive the growth and development of the arts and crafts sector. The board comprises the representative of the government and private sector. The Board convenes on biannually basis and extraordinary meetings are called on as and when need, depending on the urgency of the agenda.

The management of APIC is headed by the Chief Executive Officer with a total of five division under its umbrella. The divisions of the agency consist of Cluster and Craft Market Division (CCMD), Product Innovation & Design Unit (PIDU), Marketing and Promotion (MAP), Administration and Finance Division (AFD) and Communications and IT. These divisions are tasked to work together in developing the Bhutanese arts and crafts to improve the socio-economic well being of the artisans.