Raw Material Cluster

1.Tsebar Raw Material Bank

Location : Duwang

Materials: Sheet and wire (German Silver, Copper, brass), Tsala Karpo, Tigtsa, acids and brass brush.

Beneficiary: Eighty one (81) members of Tsebar, Kengkhar and Mongar for the manufacturing of Dhung, Jaling and Chhang Palang.

Contact: Ms. Dupchu Zangmo, 17358474





2.Kabesa Raw Material Bank

Location : Kabesa

Materials : Cooper, brass, acids, brass brush, tsala karpo and tigtsa.

Beneficiary: Artisans in Kabesa for producing jewelry and religious items.

Contact: Ms. Tendrel Zangmo, 17276972







3.Dorji Bi Raw Material Bank

Location : Dorjibi, Chumey geog

Materials : Yarns (silk, terry cotton, yathra and therma)

Beneficiary: Twenty five (25) households in Dorjibi.

Contact: Ms. Ugyen lhamo, 17814952








4.Thimphu Raw Material Bank.

Materials : Painting Brush, Sa Tshoen, Thangkha Cloth, Paint, Zangtshoen, Leather, Pure Silk Thread, Leather Board, Zim, Insole,Readymade Sole, Sa Tshoen, Writing Brush, Tsholham Cloth, Assorted Needles, Insole Board, Dendrite, Adhesive
(5000 PU), Tsholham Belt, Brush, Ser, Nge & Hang Kue.

Beneficiary: All the artisans in Thimphu.

5. Goenpa Kabab Raw Material Bank, Lhuentse.

Location : Goenpa Kabab, Khoma Geog

Materials : Yarns (silk, khaling kip, terry cotton)

Beneficiary: Forty (40) households in Goenpa Kabab.

Contact: Ms. Jimba Lhamo, 17855871








6. Radhi Raw Material Bank, Trashigang.

Location : Radhi Geog Center

Materials : Yarns (silk, khaling kip, terry cotton)

Beneficiary: Three Hundred (300) households in Radhi.

Contact: Ms. Damcho Dema, 16919214

IMG_1911 IMG_1912












7. Yurung Raw Material Bank, Pemagatshel.

Location: Yurung geog center

Materials: Yarns (silk, khaling kip, terry cotton)

Beneficiary: Eighty (80) households in Yurung.

Contact: Ms. Sangay Chozom, 17458860

IMG_1978 IMG_1980 IMG_1988

8. Teotsho Raw Material Bank

Location: Teotsho gewog Center

Materials: Terry Cotton, silk,Khaling Kip

Beneficiary: Hundred (100) Household

Contact: Ms. Choden,17438357






9. Jamkhar Raw Material Bank

Location: Jamkhar Gewog Center

Materials: Terry cotton, Silk, Khaling Kip

Beneficiary: Eighty (80) Household

Contact : Ms. Dawa, 77238135