Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion Division of the agency foresee the promotion of our traditional arts and crafts under three distinct categories. 

  1. Develop marketing & promotional materials.

Marketing and Promotion Division functions on the need to promote effective communication between artisans and the consumer at a broader scale. This is aimed to generate sales and profits to the artisans. Through multimedia and selected channels, the rich Bhutanese arts and crafts are showcased to the world. The main methods of promotion that APIC use is Advertising – a mass media approach to promotion such as outdoor, brochures/flyers, magazines / newspaper, TV, Radio, company websites & Social media and mobile phone promotions.

  1. External networking and participation in Fairs and Exhibition.

Exposure and exchange of ideas and information is viewed as a main driving force in preserving and innovation arts and crafts, APIC creates the marketing platforms that foster strong connections between artisans and buyers to make crafts more accessible to consumers, so that potential buyers are provided the opportunity to appreciate and buy Bhutanese Craft products. This will mean identifying high-profile events for rural artisans to showcase Bhutanese craft products. Showcasing at local, national and international levels is most important for this sector as this is where producers get to interact and engage with prospective buyers and market their products.

  1. Certification of the Seal of Origin.

Branding the Bhutanese handicrafts in the international market is important to give the handicrafts of Bhutan its identity, thus Certificates are issued to handicraft business license holders based on their products. The seal is a certification that the products sold in these shops are authentic and made in Bhutan which provides buyers the ability to make an informed choice and also help with marketing of our cultural products.