Royal Craft Village

Under the command of His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo, a craft village is to be constructed in Thimphu in order to greet the traditional architecture of the kingdom. Zamdothang (Truck Parking), Changzamto, Thimphu is identified as the site for the construction. The Royal Craft Village will also house the craft bazaar that is currently located on the Norzin Lam.

The construction of the Royal Craft Village is to be carried out by carpenters from across the country in order to replicate the traditional houses found in the country. The sample for the craft village is based on Bhutanese traditional building across the country. This is aimed to be a model project so that in future other Dzongkhags could emulate this craft village.

Under the Royal command the craft village should not be big, but small so that expansion will be easier and should be done phase wise. The craft village will resemble Bhutanese village due to different size and random arrangement. The craft village aims to promote traditional arts and crafts and product made outside Bhutan will not be sold in the compound.

Work Progress

  1. Alignment of highway

The express way near truck parking is being realigned and the construction contract was awarded to OST Construction, and currently formation cutting reached 70% completed.

  1. Soil test

The soil test was performed at the site to check for structure foundation design and the water table and the result showed that water table is not present even at 2 meters.

  1. Land formation

The measurement of land for the formation of the site plan is measured by staff of APIC with help from MoWHS.

Budget Outlay

The project is fully funded by Government of India under Project Tie Assistance with total budget outlay of 180 million Ngultrum of which 32 million Ngultrum is allocated for realignment of expressway and rest for the main project.

Conceptual Site Plan

The proposed plan of the construction of Royal Craft Village is located at the Zamdothang with the total area of 4.5 acres. The proposed plan is attached below.