The Agency for Promotion of Indigenous Crafts (APIC) has been set up with the important mandate to preserve and promote the craft sector. The agency is responsible for the operation and functions to enhance product range through research and expertise, catalogue and propagate product and design ideas to artisans, establish raw material banks for quality production, facilitate cluster development for the craft sector, facilitate trainings for the artisans, establishment and management of craft bazaars outlets in the country and coordinate participation in the national and internal trade exhibitions.

We would like to request all the artisans involved with the production of handicrafts in Bhutan under the following product categories to register with Ms. Rinzin Wangmo.

  1. Tsha Zo (Cane & Bamboo)
  2. Lug Zo (Bronze Casting).
  3. Lha Zo (Painting).
  4. Jim Zo (Clay turning).
  5. Troe Zo (Gold & Silver Smithy).
  6. Par Zo (Wood Carving).
  7. Thag Zo (Weaving).
  8. Shag Zo (Wood Turning).
  9. Tshem Zo (Tailoring/Embroidery)
  10. De Zo (Paper Making)
  11. Do Zo (Stone carving)

The last date for registration is on 11th October, 2013. For further information please contact at 334157 during the office hours.

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