With the aim to diversify the export products for the economic growth and reduce poverty, European Union extended in supporting a program “EU – Bhutan Trade Support” in order to increase the exports of goods to foreign countries through diversification and formulating and implementation of “Brand Bhutan”. This project will enhance the capacities in formulation and implementation of trade and investment polices and regulation. The project will also enable environment for high value horticulture and handicraft textile products.

The Agency for Promotion of Indigenous Crafts leads in order to enhance high value textile. This will be achieved through;

  • Formulation of handicraft textile value chain analysis with focus on women and youths
  • Improve product quality, supply capacity and innovative designs for market trends
  • Developing marketing and branding strategy
  • And establishing linkages between weavers, producers and markets.

This program is fully funded by the European Union and Royal Government of Bhutan leads the project with various  partners including APIC, BCCI, BAOWE, HAB, Tarayana Foundation, Royal University of Bhutan, RTA, TCB and BSB with facilitation from International Trade Center (ITC).