The Flagship Program 2019-2023 of the Royal Government of Bhutan task relevant ministries and agencies with specific programs which are not included in the 12 FYP, in order to enhance particular domain of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and providing suའpport in a specific area of business phase. These programs are assigned to MoLHR, MoEA, MoAF, MoFA, MoF, GNHC, NSB, BSB, APIC.

The Agency for the Promotion of Indigenous Crafts will carry out the following projects during the period of four years from 2019-2023.

  1. Training on Product diversification, miniaturization, innovation and new design

With the change in market trends and demands, matching the customers’ needs is essential. Thus, APIC identified product diversification, new and innovative designs. This will be achieved through miniaturization of products by providing planned training.

  1. Capacity building of APIC officials, office bearer of clusters and raw material bank

To better perform the activities, this project will also provide platform for skill up gradation/enhancement of APIC officials, and relevant cluster officials, various capacity building programs are planned.

  1. Establishment of Central yarn banks

APIC have 9 raw material banks across the country which are operated by artisan-based groups and individuals with close monitoring and technical support from APIC. Analysis of their working modalities was carried out by a consultant, APIC was recommended to develop a central yarn bank, in order to supply timely material which will be efficient and cost effective.

  1. Construction of Common Facility Center (CFC) at Tsebar and Radhi

APIC will construct CFC at Tsebar (metal works) and at Radhi (textile weaving).  The CFC will house equipment and also provide platform to showcase their skills. These CFC will also serve as training centers.