Agency for Promotion of Indigenous Crafts (APIC) will be conducting an ‘intensive practical based hand on training online cialis on Babzo, Patra and Souvenir making’ in Thimphu at Zorig Chhusum Institute from 22nd – 31st July 2013.

The training is targeted for artisans mainly for the graduates of Tashiyangtse Zorig Chhusum Institute, Thimphu Institute of Zorig Chhusum, Choki Traditional Art School who are still involved in the above related zorig areas either as self employed worker or as entrepreneurs employing people. The training is funded by the UN under Project 62290-UN support to Development of MSMEs and Employment Generations.

As the products at Craft Bazaar such as Bab (mask) and Patra are very crude and poor in quality. Most are very common in design and lack variety. The training is expected to cover on improving the quality of the Babzo. Improvise on the Patra design and to designs new souvenir items online cialis such as using the twelve zodiac signs, eight lucky signs and other Bhutanese symbols.

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