Agency for Promotion of Indigenous Crafts (APIC) is conducting training on preparation of herbal pigment which was practiced in the olden days.

Paints will be extracted from walnut cover/bark, Kerpa Shing, Hekar Shing, Sisi Shing, Kham Shing, Pitsi Shing, Zim, sakar  madder, turmeric, lac, Cypress bark, marigold, cosmos, mint leaves, indigo cakes and buck wheat.

The objectives of the training are as follows:

  1. Revive the traditional ways of color preparation for paintings
  2. Impart traditional skill to the participants
  3. Additional income generation

There are 16 participants consisting from VAST, Choki Traditional School, National Institute of Zorig Chhusum and Craft Bazaar.

The training is conducted at the basement of RSNP building, Kawajangsa from 21st – 25th November, 2016.


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