The Agency for Promotion of Indigenous Crafts established various raw material banks across the country. This program was seen as a essential in up scaling the production of handicraft products. In absence of raw material banks, villagers who practiced handicrafts faced a challenge of procuring the material due to heavy head-load cost and lack of fund to purchase in bulk.

Thus, in December 2012, a pilot raw material bank was established which supplies and replenish raw material in Tsebar. Viewing the success of the pilot raw material bank, the agency has established additional  raw material banks spread across the country (listed below).

  1. Tsebar Raw Material (Metal) Bank, Pemagatshel – 2012
  2. Radhi Yarn Bank, Trashigang -2014
  3. Goenpa Kabab Yarn Bank, Lhuentse -2014
  4. Yurung Yarn Bank, Pemagatshel – 2014
  5. Dorji Bi Yarn Bank, Bumthang – 2014
  6. Kabesa Raw Material (Metal) Bank, Thimphu – 2014
  7. Jamkhar Yarn Bank, Trashiyangtse – 2015
  8. Toedtsho Yarn Bank, Trashiyangtse – 2015