The Agency for Promotion of Indigenous Crafts has received a financial grant from UNDP amounting to United States dollar 90,000. The grant is been used as an interest free revolving fund which is being distributed to CSOs and group of artisans.

The fund was distributed to the textile sector during the initial phase of distribution, which was successful and the amount was recovered within two years of time span. The fund benefited thirteen weaving groups comprising of about 250 members.

After successful completion of first phase of disbursement of the fund, the grant was given to two groups of wood sculpture (patra) comprising of 22 members, 10 craftsmen in traditional statue production, 40 natural pigment preparation painters and 46 weavers across the country.

The fund, currently has been disbursed among groups of artisans engaged in textile weaving, wood works, cane and bamboo and statue making sectors.