The Agency for Promotion of Indigenous Crafts is pleased to announce the following vacancy.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) clearly indicating track record referred to aboveInterested candidates may submit their application to the CEO, Agency for Promotion of Indigenous Crafts (APIC), RSPN Building 1st Floor, Kawajangsa, Thimphu with a copy of the following documents on or before 25th May, 2021 during office hours.

  1. Copies of academic transcripts,
  2. Reference of work experience
  3. Security clearance certificate
  4. Medical Certificate
  5. Citizenship Identity Card.
  6. The candidate upon selection will have to produce NOC from parent organization if she/he is employed.

Term of References 

A. Cluster and Craft Market Development Manager

  1. Investigate the economic conditions as sector trends.
  2. Conduct extensive business and prepare a detailed business
  3. Secure sufficient financial resources for future development or
  4. Networking with relevant Organization both within and outside
    the country
  5. Attend workshops, craft shows, and seminars to keep up-todate
    on changes in the sector.
  6. Conduct feasibility studies and identify location / site and format
    for cluster and craft bazaar development.
  7. Detail the plan for development of the clusters and craft bazaar.
  8. Form and drive multi-sectoral committee to effectively execute
  9. Develop strategies for cluster development in identified locations.
  10. Work out financial arrangements for operation of Craft cluster – working capital, financing options (Government, bank loans, joint ventures between retailers and producers).
  11. Conduct awareness programmes.
  12. Organize training programmes for artisans on the latest technology
    and designs.
  13. Carry out any other work as may be required by the CEO.

B. Marketing and Promotion Manager

  1. Identify and disseminate marketing information online and brochures
  2. Develop marketing material to communicate the richness and history of Bhutanese crafts
  3. Identify avenues to disburse brochures – major events, airports, all places where tourism brochures exist, special targeted information for local market, etc.
  4. Develop a marketing activity plan in coordination with relevant agencies including promotion through fairs, exhibitions and online media which are linked to them
  5. Work with relevant agencies to get local products certified with appropriate quality and Brand logo
  6. Develop large scale marketing deals between producers (clusters) and marketing agents, retailers, wholesalers etc.
  7. Develop social marketing accounts on face book, twitter and other websites
  8. Carry out any other work as may be required by the CEO




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