As specified in the work plan for UN support for Development of MSME and employment Generation one of the targets set was for APIC as an implementing partner to conduct a workshop on product diversification which would result in production of at least 6 new wood and metal products and also at least 10 wood work and 10 metal work artists to be trained as Master crafts persons.

An eight day training was organized from the 20th to the 27th of November in Kabisa the outskirts of Thimphu which is categorized as rural area as it is outside the city boundaries and we have found that it is an area where most young talented artists from rural areas choose to come and live in Kabisa as they can work closer to markets which is Thimphu in order to earn a decent livelihood.

The Objectives

The objectives of the training for both wood and metal work product diversification were first of all to produce at least 6 new products.

The second objective was to train artisans to think differently to emphasize on quality and products that can be sold both in the local market and to tourists.

The third objective was to train and try and achieve the goal of creating a number of master craftsperson’s using both modern machines and traditional tools and also to provide a platform for women and youth to be involved to resulting in self employment.

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